26 September, 2007

The Power Of Google's "Did you mean:"

All I wanted is to lookup something about Wachowsky bros. something about sex change bla bla who gives a shit...I'm showing here how Google Inc. is powerful with this feature. I typed intentionally something bizzare and look @ the results for yourselves.


23 September, 2007

My Future Right Friend !!!

Love the design, love the colors, love the features = cool ! Ideazon™ presents me :P "Reaper Edge" Fall 2007 collection. Soon I'll have this baby...ain't sweet ?

* 3200 DPI maximum laser sensor
* Full Speed USB Interface: 1ms response time
* 20g Acceleration
* Max speed 45ips

* Sleek ergonomic design
* Upper and lower side thumb buttons
* Rubberized anti-slip grip
* Tire-traction rubber scroll wheel

* Illuminated, real time, on-the-fly DPI switching
* 5 distinct levels of DPI sensitivity (800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 3200)
* 5 fully programmable buttons
* Multi-profile management software
* Independant X- and Y- axis calibration

Official page: http://www.ideazon.com/us/products/reaperedge.asp

Thanks to PC Gamer (www.pcgamer.com) for the insight.

17 September, 2007

Zero Science Lab

I started to work on my homepage (zeroscience.org) and till the end of the month i hope i'll finish it... so back to work. cheers!

Link: http://www.zeroscience.org