19 March, 2007

Submiting to phenoelit.de

As I played with Nmap and SNMP the other day, I came across some EdgeLink 300 - Craft Shell router/device. I wanted to pen-test the device for weak user/passwords configurations so first i visited Phenoelit's default password list.
I searched for EdgeLink 300 and there was only EdgeLink 100 by the same vendor which is Telco Systems. So I decided to password guess the device and after 3.25 seconds :P I had a success. So I listed the commands and the network segments and all bunch of stuff and logout from the device. I wanted to submit this "break-through" to phenoelit.de and so I did, sent an e-mail to fx@phenoelit.de (Fixer) because the submit form wasn't nice to me (not working properly), with the info about the device and now I live in peace. Wheeew...
Thanks to Thricer for his big support, not letting me quit (zimi kur) and keep the good pen-testing work going.

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