09 December, 2007

Yo waddup

It's been awhile since I last posted on my blog, been finishing up a project that was expanded for 6 months and I had to react fast and there was simply no time for other activity, such as posting to blogs :P. In the past month, I transfered to another hosting regarding http://zeroscience.org (HostGator) and I have to finish this god damn site very soon...no time, you know how it is :)

Here's a short intro that was slightly changed on the premiere night from the project i worked on:

Short and simple... woot!

The Macedonian IT Forum (mk: Македонски ИТ форум) has surprised everyone of its growth and quality...go go http://www.it.com.mk...also, with the other admins and people that I work with, we're working hard on major projects regarding ICT infrastructure in Macedonia and beyond i hope :D

And here's some chill out atmo, playing with good old BBS system but this time in color, chatting with Aleks for fun ;)) It's has a nice interface, color terminal support (PuTTY) and cool soft: synchronet at http://www.synchro.net/

telnet 23 ;)

Cheers peeps.

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