15 September, 2008

CoolCon v0.2 Released

Released my Cool Converter :P "CoolCon v0.2" written in C language, 862 lines of code with a nice interface and new features added.

Conversion from Text to: Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal, ASCII, ROT13(vice versa)
Conversion from Decimal to: Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal
Conversion from Binary to: Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal
Conversion from Text to URL Unicode UTF-8 (new).

Included: ASCII table and Base64 table output

I know i said that the new version will have base64 conversion and vigenere cipher but..no time so enjoy and till next release ;)

CoolCon v0.2 Download link: http://www.packetstormsecurity.org/Win/CoolCon0.2.rar

t00t :D

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